Monday, April 26, 2021

The Evolution of Glue Popping as a Dent Repair Technique

Like any other repair industry, the paintless dent repair sector has evolved over the course of time. One constant has been the capability of fixing hail damage without having to do any repainting or major body work.

Airbags are still a relatively new feature in automobiles and were not mandatory until about 10 years ago. This provided a feature that went beyond protecting people from bodily injuries. It actually created a new way of treating hail damage in a method that became known as glue popping.

This method was introduced because it changed the way paintless dent repair technicians conducted their work. The previous method for repairing vehicle hail damage involved drilling a hole into the car’s sail panel, which is positioned directly over the car door. However, this method could no longer be used because of the location of the air bags, which were the latest achievement in safety features.

Passengers would become better protected because of this innovation, although it would take some adjusting when it came to fixing cars that had suffered hail damage. It was then that glue popping became a tool of the paintless dent repair technician.

The process works by applying glue to what have come to be known as tabs. Those tabs are then placed on the dent as the glue helps it adhere to the metal. Next, a device called a mini lifter is used to pull off the tab and pop the dent out. In just about 99% of those instances, the dent is removed. It works by actually pulling the metal out beyond its original place.

The process does not end there as there are some finishing touches. Dent repair technicians then use what is referred to as a tap tool, which gently taps the car’s metal back to where it was before the hail did its damage. An LED light is also used in this process to ensure efficiency.

Glue popping was originally perceived as a slowdown to the overall dent repair process, although its efficiency was undeniable. Since that time, glue popping has become more popular and continues to help vehicle owners who have sustained hail damage. This is yet another example of the dent repair industry’s ability to adapt and adjust to all of the changes in automobiles.

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