Monday, March 29, 2021

Car & Truck Aluminum Panels - The Best Candidates for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Car and truck aluminum panels are perfect candidates for paintless dent repair, or "PDR" for short. 

Quite unsurprisingly, a lot of trucks and cars have to face tough challenges. From hauling all kinds of heavy loads to driving in extreme weather and busy traffic - all of this is bound to take a toll on the vehicle at some point or the other in the form of a minor ding or dent. While major damages need an auto body shop, small ones can easily be fixed with the help of paintless dent repair in Mooresville NC.

Many trucks and cars being manufactured today have parts that are made up of aluminum alloy. This is a new and emerging trend that is set to take over the market in the near future. That said, it is not always that the entire body of the car is made up of aluminum. While some vehicles have their hood made of aluminum, other SUVs and trucks have as little as their lift gate made up of aluminum. In most cases though, the vehicles have an aluminum panel.

Some vehicle models that use aluminum-made parts on their bodies are GM (Yukon), Buick (Lesabre, Park Avenue, Rendezvous), Honda (Insight), and Nissan (Altima, Maxima). Ford Motor Company has the highest number of car models that use aluminum parts, including (but not limited to) Expedition, Ranger, Mustang, and F-150.

All said and done, having aluminum parts is not an entirely new phenomenon. Several sports cars and SUVs in the past have been known to make cars with aluminum hoods. Usually, hoods get damaged by hail and random debris more frequently, and therefore serve as a primary location for paintless dent repair.

While aluminum is indeed durable, it requires several specialized techniques to administer effective mobile dent repair in Mooresville NC in order to fix it successfully. For this reason, car owners should hire a paintless dent repair service that will repair their car with their expert approaches. Aluminum panels generally require a more specific kind of technique than their steel counterparts, which can only come from specialized training and years of experience.

With vehicle models and manufacturing techniques upgrading by the day, it is essential for car owners to stay ahead of the game and hire a paintless mobile dent repair service.