Monday, June 21, 2021

Handling the Increasing Risk of Vehicle Hail Damage

With the increasing frequency of severe storms comes the ever increasing risk of hail. Given the fact that hail can occur suddenly means just about anyone can get stuck right in the middle of a hailstorm. Therefore, all drivers and vehicle owners should be familiar with what happens when vehicle hail damage needs to be repaired. In this article, you will find some insight on national hail damage data and steps to take when hailstorm dent repairs are needed.

The National Storm Damage Center says that over $1 billion worth of annual damage to crops, homes, buildings, and cars has hail as its cause. According to the National Science Foundation, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, “hailstorms are responsible for over $10 billion dollars in annual property damage”₁. This is primarily because most of the times, it is impossible to take protection from hail since it can - and does - start coming down without any warning whatsoever. Damages sustained to cars by hail storms include dings and dents on the exterior of the car as well as crack(s) on the auto glass.

Generally speaking, the hail season begins in April and may run till the winter season. That said, it is most prominent in the summer season. This is also when Lake Norman Dent Repair in Mooresville NC receives the most calls for paintless dent repair. When a vehicle sustains hail damage, it can be fixed by following certain set and calculated steps. The first thing you should do is get a proper estimate of the damage; this is mostly done by paintless dent repair shops at no extra cost. With the use of proper equipment and adequate lighting, they will easily pinpoint all the places on your car that have been damaged by hail.

Next, you need to contact your insurance company and find out whether your insurance policy covers the cost of repairing hail damage. With the proper paintless dent repair business, this communication can be made smoother and more hassle-free. In the event that your insurance will not cover the repair, paintless dent repairing can help you fix the dent in your car in almost a tenth of what it would cost at a traditional auto repair shop.

Once the car has been given for repair, vehicle owners will need to wait for at least a day and at most a week to get their car back. This time period depends upon the extent of the damage, and upon the expertise of the technician. For instance, if your car is repaired by a properly trained and seasoned technician, even the trickiest of dents could take an hour or two to repair. That said, sometimes technicians need to undertake elaborate methods such as removing headlights, headliners and door panels to complete the repair process.

As a part of its paintless dent repair service, Lake Norman Dent Repair works on repairing vehicles affected by hail damage. In order to receive this service, you must ensure that the paint is intact - if that is the case, you can get your car repaired on time and at an affordable price. All you need to do is sit back and trust the team of certified technicians at Lake Norman Dent Repair in Mooresville NC.


Monday, May 24, 2021

Damaging Your Car During Repair? Not with Paintless Dent Repair!

When it comes to auto body repair, most people don't opt for paintless dent repair. This is mostly out of fear of damaging the car during the repairing process. The truth, however, is that mobile auto dent repairers in Mooresville can flawlessly repair your car and save you a lot of money by not having to shell out your hard-earned dollars on a brand new paint job.

Believe it or not, it is very commonplace for cars to sustain minor dents, scratches, nicks, and dings. Whenever such a thing happens to your car, the wise thing to do is to enlist a professional who can help repair them. 

Many people opt for do-it-yourself methods that use make-shift contraptions made from readily available household products such as hair dryers or plungers. While these methods may prove to be successful, one should keep in mind that such success is only short-lived. Most people who do these projects have little to no idea as to what they are really doing, and while "repairing it themselves," end up causing more damage to their vehicle. 

Several others opt for shops that specialize in painting cars. While this is a sensible option as far as the safety of the vehicle is concerned, it is rather costly and unnecessary if the vehicle has sustained only a few dents or scratches. 

The most sensible - and affordable option to make minor repairs is to opt for paintless auto dent repair. Numerous auto dealerships and car rental services today make use of paintless dent repair services to take care of minor damages sustained by vehicles. Not only does this save a lot of money, it does not damage the original coat of paint on your car. 

The paint that is currently used on cars is made up of acrylic urethane, which makes it very durable and not damaged by paintless dent repairs. This makes it possible to re-shape the metal back into its original form without having to disturb the paint. Professional technicians who specialize in removing dents expertly remove the dent and make vehicles look the way they did before sustaining the minor damage.

Paintless dent repairing works on the principle of what metal used to be before sustaining the dent. Even with a dent, a Lake Norman dent repair technician will be able to ascertain what the original shape was and then fix it accordingly. Since the process does not require any amount of filling or sanding, there is no question of the original paint getting damaged. 

Yet another benefit that comes with paintless dent repair is the fact that it is a much quicker process as compared to conventional auto body repair, and does not require you to leave your car at the repair shop for long periods of time. Costing at least 50% less than conventional repair, paintless dent repair also makes for a very cost-effective method.

All in all, if your car has sustained a minor dent or scratch, the best thing to do is to opt for paintless dent repair from Lake Norman Dent Repair. With their cost and time-effective services, and dedicated team of professional technicians, Lake Norman Dent Repair in Mooresville NC can restore your vehicle with ease and perfection - without damaging any of the original paint on the car.

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Evolution of Glue Popping as a Dent Repair Technique

Like any other repair industry, the paintless dent repair sector has evolved over the course of time. One constant has been the capability of fixing hail damage without having to do any repainting or major body work.

Airbags are still a relatively new feature in automobiles and were not mandatory until about 10 years ago. This provided a feature that went beyond protecting people from bodily injuries. It actually created a new way of treating hail damage in a method that became known as glue popping.

This method was introduced because it changed the way paintless dent repair technicians conducted their work. The previous method for repairing vehicle hail damage involved drilling a hole into the car’s sail panel, which is positioned directly over the car door. However, this method could no longer be used because of the location of the air bags, which were the latest achievement in safety features.

Passengers would become better protected because of this innovation, although it would take some adjusting when it came to fixing cars that had suffered hail damage. It was then that glue popping became a tool of the paintless dent repair technician.

The process works by applying glue to what have come to be known as tabs. Those tabs are then placed on the dent as the glue helps it adhere to the metal. Next, a device called a mini lifter is used to pull off the tab and pop the dent out. In just about 99% of those instances, the dent is removed. It works by actually pulling the metal out beyond its original place.

The process does not end there as there are some finishing touches. Dent repair technicians then use what is referred to as a tap tool, which gently taps the car’s metal back to where it was before the hail did its damage. An LED light is also used in this process to ensure efficiency.

Glue popping was originally perceived as a slowdown to the overall dent repair process, although its efficiency was undeniable. Since that time, glue popping has become more popular and continues to help vehicle owners who have sustained hail damage. This is yet another example of the dent repair industry’s ability to adapt and adjust to all of the changes in automobiles.

Lake Norman Dent Repair is skilled in all kinds of paintless dent repair techniques as we help our clients get their vehicles back to looking the way they should.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Car & Truck Aluminum Panels - The Best Candidates for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Car and truck aluminum panels are perfect candidates for paintless dent repair, or "PDR" for short. 

Quite unsurprisingly, a lot of trucks and cars have to face tough challenges. From hauling all kinds of heavy loads to driving in extreme weather and busy traffic - all of this is bound to take a toll on the vehicle at some point or the other in the form of a minor ding or dent. While major damages need an auto body shop, small ones can easily be fixed with the help of paintless dent repair in Mooresville NC.

Many trucks and cars being manufactured today have parts that are made up of aluminum alloy. This is a new and emerging trend that is set to take over the market in the near future. That said, it is not always that the entire body of the car is made up of aluminum. While some vehicles have their hood made of aluminum, other SUVs and trucks have as little as their lift gate made up of aluminum. In most cases though, the vehicles have an aluminum panel.

Some vehicle models that use aluminum-made parts on their bodies are GM (Yukon), Buick (Lesabre, Park Avenue, Rendezvous), Honda (Insight), and Nissan (Altima, Maxima). Ford Motor Company has the highest number of car models that use aluminum parts, including (but not limited to) Expedition, Ranger, Mustang, and F-150.

All said and done, having aluminum parts is not an entirely new phenomenon. Several sports cars and SUVs in the past have been known to make cars with aluminum hoods. Usually, hoods get damaged by hail and random debris more frequently, and therefore serve as a primary location for paintless dent repair.

While aluminum is indeed durable, it requires several specialized techniques to administer effective mobile dent repair in Mooresville NC in order to fix it successfully. For this reason, car owners should hire a paintless dent repair service that will repair their car with their expert approaches. Aluminum panels generally require a more specific kind of technique than their steel counterparts, which can only come from specialized training and years of experience.

With vehicle models and manufacturing techniques upgrading by the day, it is essential for car owners to stay ahead of the game and hire a paintless mobile dent repair service.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Here's Why You Need Experienced People To Do Paintless Dent Repair

Much like any other kind of auto repair, it is important for paintless dent repair technicians to produce high-quality and flawless work. Given that paintless dent repair is a kind of art form and a process, it is evident that it should be handled by someone who is seasoned in doing so. Lake Norman Dent Repair shares how experience can - and does make all the difference in paintless dent repair.

Many online tutorials out there today make it seem like flawless paintless dent repair is only a few steps and a few equipment purchases away. However, you shouldn’t be fooled. Paintless dent repair may look simple, but it is a complex process meant to be performed exclusively by properly trained people. All leading PDR technicians have been meticulously trained and have spent years - if not decades - polishing their skills.

An ideal PDR technician must be adept at reading the light. The term "reading the light" here is an industry term that refers to how technicians read various light sources. Reading a light involves a specific technique which the untrained eye is generally unaware of.

NC mobile dent repair also required the use of specialized tools. Trained, seasoned technicians know the way to manipulate the shape of the dent and use this knowledge along with the right tool for the job. The main principle here is to set off a change in the properties of the metal on a molecular lever. Given the complexity of the matter, it is a must for the technician to have the best possible education and experience. One such tool used by professionals is a glue pulling kit, which helps in binding areas that cannot be easily reached. Moreover, it does not require any drilling. This often proves to be useful as many insurance policies require that no drilling be done in the repair process.

Technicians use many such tools. You must remember that all these tools are sophisticated and specialized, and not something anyone can use after buying it from the local shop. Only people who are used to working with them on a regular basis can use them properly. Professional PDR technicians are trained extensively before they begin working in a repair shop. This training allows them to expertly handle the tools that have been specifically designed for PDR repair.

Lake Norman Dent Repair has numerous experienced team members who work meticulously on vehicles to make sure that all dents have been removed perfectly. The number of upsides on choosing paintless dent repairing services are many, and with Lake Norman Dent Repair services in Mooresville, NC. You can take advantage of all of them to get your vehicle to be how it looked when it was brand new.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Paintless Dent Repair and Insurance Claims Work Together

In most cases, insurance policies cover the costs of dent repair. In the event that repainting the vehicle is not needed, car owners can even make some money in the process. This is due to the fact that insurance companies can at time issue checks that have a higher value than the actual amount required to repair the car with paintless auto dent repair

Are you wondering how this happens? Here's a closer look: 

The payouts sent by insurance companies are made on the basis of estimates. Whenever a car sustains some kind of damage, be it by natural reasons, from an accident, or due to vandalism, insurance companies determine the cost of repair based on the extent of the damage. In order to get a payout from your insurance company, you must make sure that your policy also covers the cause behind the damage. Once these factors are established, car owners may stand to gain a few dollars.

In most cases, insurance companies will take into consideration the fact that the vehicle will require fillers and paint in order to fix the dent(s). Given that paint (and such materials) is quite expensive, the estimate made by the insurance company is also quite high. 

Paintless dent repair, however, does not involve any actual use of paints. Given the lack of components and a reasonable pricing, paintless dent repair costs much less than what it would to get your car painted or get any major body work done.

That said, insurance companies are very strict with spending their money, and have recently started issuing estimates that are contingent upon the use of mobiles dent repair in Mooresville NC. Intending to pay out as little as possible, insurance companies are well aware of the fact that many car owners tend to forego repairs and pocket the money altogether. 

To conclude, there is no real standard that is used by insurance companies to determine what amount needs to be paid out. The payout could be high if the company does not consider paintless dent repair, or very low if it does consider it as a suitable option for repair.

In other instances, the damage may be so much that the payout will be lesser than the cost of repair. If this is the case for you, a paintless dent repair professional service will help you obtain the rest of your money in the form of supplement from your insurance company.

Generally, insurance companies don't hand people checks that have been written solely in their name. Once the insurance company issues your check, make sure that it has at least issued it in your and your bank’s name. In case the bank holds the title of your vehicle, it will want to ensure the necessary repairs have been properly done. 

Lake Norman Dent Repair works in conjunction with Mooresville NC's best insurance carriers and offers valuable assistance with the whole process of fixing a vehicle with paintless dent repair. With our experienced team of dedicated professionals, you can be rest easy, knowing that Lake Norman Dent Repair is there to guiding you at every step along the way.

Monday, December 28, 2020

The Many Benefits of Mobile Dent Repair

In almost every case, it is a great inconvenience to have to take your car to the auto repair shop to get it repaired - especially if the damage is very small. Wouldn’t it be great if repair work - especially minor ones could be done without you having to go all the way to the repair shop?

Believe it or not, it is now possible to get your car repaired without leaving your home. With the help of mobile dent repair in Mooresville NC, you can now use the many benefits of paintless dent repair to your advantage. Aside from the obvious benefit to not having to leave your home to get your car repaired, there are several not-so-obvious benefits of mobile paintless dent repair as well.

You can drive your vehicle on the same day:
There is no long period of waiting that comes with mobile dent repairs. You are free to use your car as soon as our technician is done fixing your dents - you will be able to drive your vehicle just like you would on any other day. The only time when you will be without your vehicle is the brief time period which the technician takes to repair the dent in your car.

It does not require painting or sanding:
Getting a car repaired at an auto shop is tedious at best. It often entails a complicated process that involves a lot of time - a few days at least. Mobile dent repair, on the other hand, is a much easier process since it does not need any painting or sanding. With Lake Norman Dent Repair, you can get your paintless dent repair delivered on the same day.

You can keep your classic cars and trucks at home:

Most classic car owners are concerned about the welfare of their vehicles and send them to very select repair shops. In many cases, such cars are showroom pieces. With mobile paintless dent repair, classic cars can easily be repaired in the comfort of the owner's home, and by extension have no fear of any kind of additional wear and tear.

It is eco-friendly:
Most auto body work and painting involves controlled environments, complicated processes and lots of products, which pose the risk of emitting harmful substances into the atmosphere. Not only is mobile dent repair simple, component-free and therefore environmentally friendly, it eliminates the possibility of contaminating your garage or driveway in any way.

It doesn't cause a disruption in your daily routine:
With paintless dent repair, you can continue with your daily routine without any disruption whatsoever. With the technician coming straight to you to fix up your car, you won't have to worry about the time you will need to take off from your daily routine to get your car to and/or from the auto repair shop.

Lake Norman Dent Repair offers mobile paintless dent repair services at any location of your choice. When you ask for any of our services, we will send a technician to your location and repair your car while you can seamlessly continue with your daily routine.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Four Compelling Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Repair

Believe it or not, paintless dent repair has several attributes that make it better than conventional auto body repair. In case you are still in doubt as to which type of repair service you should choose, here are four compelling reasons as to why it should be the former according to Mooresville NC dent repair expert Scott Robinson.

It helps preserve your car's resale value:
Just like your bank deposits and your home, your car too is an investment. Which means that it should have a decent resale value as well, so that you get as much value as possible when or should you decide to trade-in or sell your car. Cars which have been repainted often have traces of paint work on their body. This is easily detectable by professionals and will lower the vehicle's resale value. Even if there is no evidence of paint work, the value of the vehicle will reduce. With paintless dent repair, you can get your car repaired without any paint work and help preserve its resale value.

It is eco-friendly:
Paintless dent repair creates very little waste, which in turn leaves less to dispose of once the job is complete. Moreover, paints that are used on cars are harmful for the environment. Using elements such as fillers and sanders in the painting process means that several gases are emitted - which cause harm to the ecosystem once they are released. Paintless dent repair, however, is a simple process which creates less waste and uses no paint - and therefore does not entail any harmful chemicals being released into the atmosphere and/or any toxic waste needed to be dumped in a landfill.

It is time-effective:
Thanks to paintless dent repair, you do not need to take the trouble of taking your vehicle all the way to the auto repair shop. In fact, the service can be brought right to your doorstep! Armed with mobile dent repair capabilities, the paintless dent repairing process will have a technician visit your home, workplace (or any location you prefer) and repair of your dent directly - without causing any disruptions in your normal routine and daily activities.

It is cost-effective:
In most situations, paintless mobile dent repairing can be less than standard policy deductibles for most major insurances, and certainly a fraction of the cost of getting an overall paint work job or conventional auto body repair. By paying a small sum from out of your pocket, you get to repair your car and do not have to worry about reporting to your insurance provider (and therefore not increase insurance premiums).

Lake Norman Dent Repair in Mooresville NC offers every advantage that comes with paintless dent repair Mooresville NC. Should your car sustain some unexpected damage, you must be able to choose a solution that will you save time and money, while maintaining your vehicle's value. Contact Lake Norman Dent Repair Mooresville NC and take advantage of our mobile paintless dent repair today.